New website online

That was about time: we are launching our new website. Thanks to Jens Schellhase from Schellhase Design, who did an extraordinary job. Thanks again, Jens!

The new website features a few cool things like a new login area, where you can opload large files to our servers and receive your finished films and projects.

We would love to hear some feedback from you. What do you think? Did the nerves we ruined with Jens pay of? Leave us a note!

Dog gymnastics

Dogs need exercise. Because going on walks becomes quite boring to man's or woman's best friend and man or woman him or herself after a while, you will soon be able to get tips for alternatives activities with your dog on a special website of Royal Canin. The motivational exercise videos on the site were produced by us.

Free Running Virtual Campaign

A new clip for our software “Virtual Campaign” shows two freerunners chasing through the city, spectacular leaps, flips and corkscrew jumps in the air and this way, framing the exterior advertising spaces of our customer quite stylishly and athletically. Shot and post-produced in our favourite city, Cologne. And coming soon at

Relaxed look ahead

Looking ahead into the future at ease – this works quite easily with Relax Pension Comfort of AXA. We scripted, shot and post-produced the film for this new product. Our highlight of the shooting was the special subway we had rented with conductor and custom schedule, running through the centre of Cologne. The spot can be seen, starting now at

Sun, pasture, butterflies and cows

As of today, a new burger shop at the heart of Colonge's centre is serving delicious burger variations in brioche rolls and lemonades of own recipe. We contributed to the cosy atmosphere: an animation of an idyllic pasture with flowers and butterflies swirling around, cows feeding and a few elements that you have never seen before quite this way on a pasture. And the phases of the sun and moon run in real time on the large screen. Thus, you can decide if you cast your glance out the window or onto the screen while you are having your burger ...

Shooting in Arosa soon also coming to Switzerland! We just returned from shooting in the beautiful skiing region of Arosa, where we filmed advertising footage at the edge of the slopes at lofty altitudes.

Blue skies, snow-white covered mountains, pink cheeks of skiers – those were our picture themes of 5 amazing days.

The absolute highlight came at the end of the shoot, when we got on a ride with a former flying world champion and had the chance to film from the air at more than 2,500 metres altitude. Still under the influence of adrenaline, we are now proceeding with cutting the footage ...