Solid concepts

We love beautiful pictures. But much more important is the story behind them. For this reason, research and analysis come at the very start of every project. Only once we have all required information, we will start with the development of a custom-fit concept for your film or animation. And then, of course, things will also be about beautiful and expressive pictures.

Advising made-to-measure

We are your creative sparring partners. Use our competence to position your company or product optimally in the market. We are there for you! Together with you, we strive to develop new, bold, and unique communications solutions.

Success in series

We will also be there for you day after tomorrow. This is because we like most working with you for the long term and will jointly write your success story. The markets are changing just as much as the consumers are, and also your company continues to develop further, day by day – we help you translate your visions and developments into images.

Hand-made and modern

We love unique pieces. Each film is custom-made. Besides creativity, also technical know-how and efficient budgeting are parts of a successful completion of a film project. Today, more than ever before is possible in terms of technology and we are proud to offer the latest solutions and techniques for you – be it 2D, 3D, stereoscopic, HD, 4K, 360° or 35mm. And what is more, all of this is available for different budgets.

Virtual Campaign

We make your film customisable. With just one click, you can replace every frame content in a video and thereby specifically address different target groups or customer wishes. VirtualCampaign makes it possible – find out more here.